Draw paths to lead UFOs to tasty, tasty treats!


  • Hold Left Click and Drag: Draw path to move on
  • Click the 'Start' button to release the UFO
  • Left/Right arrow keys or A/D: Move Left/Right
  • Space bar: Jump
  • Click the 'Reset' button to reset the level at any time
  • Esc: Pause

Reach the flag to complete the level whilst trying to collect as many donuts as possible.

Made using Kenney Game Assets Pack 1.

Source code github repository link: https://github.com/TangledWires94/UFO-Donut-Hunters-Scripts

Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder to access the game files.  Double click the Unity application file to play.


UFO Donut Hunters Prototype.zip 19 MB

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