Movement: Arrow keys or WASD
Fire lasers:  Hold 'Q' key
Retrieve package by colliding with it whilst 'Q' key is released.

The Game

Welcome to your first day working for The Really Well Known Delivery Company! We are so glad to have you as part of the workforce. Here at The Really Well Known Delivery Company, we pride ourselves on never losing a single package and ensuring all items are delivered on time and with extreme care. That's why our motto is "Joined Together: safely connecting people with their packages".

*wipes away a tear*

Anyway, let's check your delivery schedule for the day.

*double checks the details on the computer*

Well, it looks like you'll have an...interesting first day.

*rummages under the desk*

You'll need a few...additions to your uniform for today's delivery.

*places black gauntlets, a clear helmet and a jetpack on the desk*

Your first package needs to be delivered to the Moon.


This game sees you play as a delivery person who has a Priority Delivery that needs taking to the Moon. Equipped with a helmet, a jetpack and the most hi-tech laser gauntlets, your task is to ensure that the package is delivered safely.

However, The Really Well Known Delivery Company has only bought a small column of air space to travel in to perform its deliveries to the Moon and it is overrun with other air traffic. Many colleagues have complained, resulting in delivery persons going to the Moon being given laser gauntlets in order to eliminate any obstacles in their way to ensure the company motto is upheld. 

There is still one other problem.

Due to the jetpack on your back, you have to hold the package in your hands. No big deal, except when you need to fire your laser gauntlets.  You're going to have to let go of the package in order to clear the path above you!

The Really Well Known Delivery Company have however added an incentive to this destruction of equipment, celestial bodies and life by adding in a points system. The more obstructions you eliminate, the more points you score!

But remember, the package must get to the Moon!

Use the arrow keys to move within the travel corridor and press the Q key to let go of the package to use your laser gauntlets. Use the arrow keys again to become joined together. Be careful of colliding with the other air traffic, it will knock the package out of your hands!

The Inspiration

Made in 48 hours for the 2021Game Makers Toolkit Jam

Using the prompt 'Joined Together', we have developed Priority Delivery to investigate the downsides of being connected in a game setting.

Our delivery person can't reach their objective of getting the package to the moon without eliminating the obstacles in their way. However, to do this they must use their laser gauntlets and to do so, they have to break the connection between their precious cargo and themselves.

The Assets

Made using:
- handmade assets
- assets from the Kenney Game Assets pack
- assets from Bert-o-Naught
- assets from Varkalandar

The Creators

Made by Tangled Wire Games  
A two-person team of George Fiddes and Zoe Harrison


Thank you for checking out our #GMTKJam entry and please let us know what you think!

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